Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MBI Solutions website is now multilingual!

Hi, today we added an English version to our website http://www.mbi-solutions.net

For this we split the content in to 2 folders: "nl" - for Dutch one and "en" for English.

The only page - index.html remains in the root folder.
To all the pages we added language switcher which cross references corresponding pages.

From the SEO point of view what has been done:
  1. Language tags (see previous post) have been changed to reflect thee new language.
  2. Titles, keywords, descriptions and pages content have been translated
  3. Sitemap file which is used by search engines has been also updated to reflect the changes.
After we uploaded the new website structure we also left there old pages. That is for a while until search engines index the new wesbsite structure. It will be deleted in coming days.